81 Sweet Southern Baby Girl Names You’ll Love

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Southern Belle Baby Girl Names: Baby in a Basket

Southern baby girl names are classic, sweet, and will never go out of style. Here are 81 of my favorite timeless names for you to browse through for your little girl.

Abigail – My father’s joy

Addison – Son of Adam

Adeline – Noble’ or nobility

Ada – Nobility or adornment

Anna-May – He (God) has favored me

Aubry – Rules with elf-wisdom

Betsy – Pledged to God

Bonnie – Pretty or attractive

Candy – Bright or sweet

Carlin – Little champion

Caroline –  Free man

Charlotte – Free man or petite

Clarise – Famous or most bright

Clara – Clear, bright, or famous

Clarabelle – Bright or famous

Connie – Constant

Dalilah – Delicate

Daphne – Laurel

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Deedee – Swarthy, broken-hearted, sorrowful, pleasure, delight, or divine

Dixie – Tenth or from the ten

Dolly – Gift of God

Effie –  Pleasant speech

Ella – Beautiful, fairy Maiden, or Goddess

Ella-Mae – Bright one or shining one

Ellie – Shining light

Eloise –  Healthy or wide

Everleigh – Boar meadow

Faye –  Fairy

Florence – Blossoming

Flossie –  Flourishing or prosperous

Frances – From France or free one

Georgia – Farmer

Harper – An occupational name for a harp player

Hattie – Home ruler

Henrietta – Home ruler

Ida – Industrious one or prosperous.

Iona –  Blessed

Isabelle – Devoted to God

Jodie – Praised

Jolene – He (God) will increase

Kasey – Alert, vigorous, or modern

Kay – Rejoice

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Kitty – Pure

Lacey – Belonging to Lacy or Lassy

Lottie – Little and womanly

Louise – Famous warrior

Lucille – Light

Mabel – Lovable or dear

Mae – May or mother

Magnolia – Magnol’s flower

Margaret – Pearl or cluster of blossoms

Maisie – Pearl

Maribelle – Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, or beautiful

Mellie – Black, dark-skinned, bee, “honey, or brave strength

Myrtle – Ruled by Venus

Nessie – Pure or chaste

Opal – Opal or jewel

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Pearl – Smooth, round bead, or formed by a mollusk

Priscilla – Venerable, ancient, classical, or primordial

Prudence – Prudence, good judgment

Rita – Pearl

Ruby – Ruby or red

Sage –  Herb or prophet

Savannah – Treeless plain

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Scarlette – Red

Selena – Moon

Shelby – Willow farm

Stella – Star

Tabitha – Female gazelle or gorgeous 

Tammy – Twin or palm tree

Tanya – Fairy Queen

Taylor – An occupational name for a tailor

Tillie – Mighty in battle

Trudy –  Spear of strength

Victoria –  Victory

Viola – Violet

Violet – Purple

Virginia – Maiden or virgin

Vivian – Alive

Willow – Slender or graceful

Wilma – Helmet or protection

I hope you liked this list of Southern baby girl names! Share this with your friends, and check out my compilation of Irish Baby Girl Names You Haven’t Heard.

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