Catherine and Elena sitting in a park

Motherhood is a wild ride, and we know how difficult it is to find accurate information to survive day by day. Live Breathe Mom is dedicated to sharing the best, most accurate momming tips and tricks, based on personal experience and lots and lots of research. We believe in quality over quantity

Catherine Claesson is the mother of an amazing little girl. She’s been writing for five years. Catherine has a passion for motherhood, words, and sharing her mommy experience with other moms in hopes that their experience will be a little bit smoother than hers was.

With the arrival of her daughter, Catherine became overwhelmed wading through the masses of content, trying to figure out what was accurate and what was a myth. She wanted to create a reliable resource where moms could live, breathe, and love all things mom-related, and have the information narrowed down to the most epic mom tips to help make momming a bit easier to manage. She created Live Breathe Mom to be the ultimate mom hacks resource.