Christmas Tradition Ideas for the Family

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Christmas Tradition Ideas for the Family: Decorated tree in front of lights

Christmas Tradition Ideas to Start With Your Family

Every family needs their own Christmas traditions, and if you’re a new family, maybe you want to start a special Christmas tradition for just you and your little family. Here are 15 Christmas tradition ideas for you to start with your family and cherish throughout the years.

Christmas Playlist

Compile all your favorite Christmas songs into one grand holiday playlist for the whole family to enjoy. There’s nothing like some good Christmas music to get you into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Bucket List

Sit down with the family and create a holiday bucket list together. It can be filled with anything from baking cookies to visiting Bronner’s Christmas store in Frankenmuth. The important thing is that you all have fun!

Christmas Cookies

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is one of the best (and tastiest) parts of the holiday season. If you’re the competitive type, you can even have a cookie decorating competition, with lots of taste testing of course.

Letter to Santa

Help your little one write a letter to Santa. It’s a great way to practice writing skills while having some cozy one-on-one time.

Christmas Movie Night

Every year growing up, my whole family watched The Polar Express during December, and it was one of my favorite family Christmas traditions. You can either have one special movie to watch every year or you can just pick out a night to watch whatever Christmas movies you feel like. And don’t forget the hot cocoa!

Christmas Light Sightseeing

Go on a drive around your town to look at all the gorgeous Christmas light displays. You can see lights put up by your city, but we’ve found the neighbors can do some pretty awesome setups as well! 

Vacation Instead of Gifts

If no one wants or needs anything for Christmas, try pooling all the gift money together and going somewhere (preferably warm and with a beach) for a family vacation. I know it might not be possible to travel during the Christmas of 2020, but it’s something to consider for next year.

Making Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations are a fun way to do some seasonal crafts with your toddler, and she’ll be overjoyed to see her artwork displayed around the house.

Here is a great list by The Spruce Crafts of 18 Christmas Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers.

Hiding the Pickle

Every year, my parents would hide a “pickle” Christmas tree ornament on the tree, and we kids would have a race to see who could find it the first. The lucky pickle finder would get an extra little present from Santa. Nothing like a little friendly competition to spice up the holidays!

Special Santa Wrapping Paper

Buy some snazzy Christmas wrapping paper and use it only to wrap the presents from “Santa”. It will make Christmas even more magical for your little one.

Christmas Lunch Charcuterie Board

Another Christmas tradition my family had and still has is the Christmas lunch charcuterie board. We get home from church on Christmas, and everyone gets to work preparing cheeses, deli meats, crackers, oysters, and clams. It’s one of our Christmas traditions that I look forward to most every year. 

Fun Advent Calendars

There’s a plethora of options to choose from when looking for advent calendars. From food calendars to toy calendars to the classic advent calendar, there are options that everyone will like.

Candlelight Service

If your family is religious, a candlelight service is a beautiful way to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing quite like the magic of hundreds of candles and Christmas carols on Christmas eve.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret Santa’s are a great way for everyone to give and receive presents without breaking the bank. You get both the joy of giving and receiving gifts in a secret Santa without stressing too much about money.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the shelf is an adorable tradition where one of Santa’s helpers is sent to your home to report on whether your child is naughty or nice. The elf is only supposed to “move” at night when your child sleeps, and it’s tons of fun to make your elf get up to all sorts of crazy antics.

I hope this list gave you some cozy Christmas tradition ideas to start with your family.

If you like this article, share it with your friends and family, and check out my post on Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (Under $20).

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